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The design of main structural systems for tall buildings are often governed by the wind loads acting on them. Wind tunnel model testing provides accurate simulation of these wind loads and is an invaluable tool in tall building structural design and optimisation. Wind loads acting on tall buildings can be determined using the high-frequency force balance technique, simultaneous pressure integration or aeroelastic techniques (for dynamically sensitive structures).

The same wind tunnel tests are used to determine wind-induced accelerations that would typically occur every 1 to 5 years and assess them with respect to international criteria. Representative accelerations can be reproduced in WWTF’s motion simulator for our Clients to experience firsthand the motions that will be felt at the building’s higher floors.

Example Projects
  • Kowloon Station Mega Tower
  • Project K11
  • Conduit Road
  • Ho Man Tin Hill Road
  • City of Dream, Macau
  • 102 How Ming Street
  • 20-26 Johnson Road

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